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Supply of spare parts 2020-08-29

Supply of spare parts

Amikon is a stocking/sourcing distributor located in China. Our goal is to provide one-stop professional solutions for our customers. For over ten years, Industry elites have been relying on our expertise, quality, flexibility and affordable services.

We are available at all times and are able to solve even complex problems within a short time.

Amikon calculation for any effort is always the same. Our prices are immediately available and do not go by your emergency.

Our offerings are available worldwide. We are able to provide customs papers and export documents tailored to your country.

We can gladly advise you in case of machine failure and spare part requirements.

Sales Manager:Amy

Email:   Skype:+86 18950128464
Mobile: +86 18950128464 (WhatsApp/ Wechat)  |  QQ:2851195485

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